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At the height of his career Vince Carter was often referred to as “Half Man, Half Amazing” due to his ability to defy gravity and make posters on a nightly basis. Though he signed with Nike Shox in 2000 his Shox BB4 sneakers never really enjoyed the commercial success or cult following like those of Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway or Charles Barkley.

Still many fans of “Air Canada” (he was the franchise player of the Toronto Raptors at the time) loved the Nike Shox Shox and in an interview with Nike Shox, Carter himself fondly reminisces about the sneakers he wore when he took flight in Sydney and put Frederic Weis on a poster he didn’t want any parts of.

“The success of the dunk started the legend of the shoes. But I myself went to another level with them, too. I became a star player in the BB4.”